Run by artists Kir Larwill and Melissa Proposch, Artpuff brings together beautifully curated shows by some of our most admired and inspiring regional artists, with immersive creative workshops for locals, visitors and groups. All in one inspired and well-placed footprint.

In a word …

“We started Artpuff out of love for art … the insight and joy that comes with making, viewing and living with it. Artpuff is about sharing the love!

As a space, it welcomes anyone and everyone in to experience art for themselves, in a warm and relaxed environment. And to celebrate how very much art matters”.

We bring

3 Reasons to Dwell

Melissa Proposch, artist and Creative Director at Artpuff talks about the space and her 2022 exhibition 3 Reasons to Dwell.

3 Reasons to Dwell is a show about fear – fear of ghosts, curses and floods – and what it means to be haunted by memories, objects and sites.

A film by Elizabeth Scanlon, with interview by Luca Royle for ArtSwank, MainFM, Castlemaine

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