Panorama – Helen Gilfillan

The dressmaker’s dummy: mute witness to the memory of making – Rhyll Plant

Thursday 27 June to Sunday 14 July

Opening celebration Friday 28 June 5-7pm



More risky business – Roz Avent

Thursday 8 August to Sunday 25 August

Opening celebration Friday 9 August 5-7pm



Puffpaper IV

Zoe Amor, Catherine Pilgrim, David Golightly & Benjamin Sheppard

Thursday 6 June to Sunday 23 June

shed shack fibro bach

Andy Sutton

Thursday 16 May to Sunday 2 June


Jane Rusden, Bridget Farmer & Sheridan Jones

Thursday 25 April to Sunday 12 May


Janet Neilson & Barbara Semler

Thursday 4 April to Sunday 21 April

Distant Family

Melissa Proposch

Thursday 14 March to Monday 1 April

with selected works installed in the stockroom from Saturday 9 March

Opening celebration Friday 15 March 5-7pm


Stockroom installation

Kir Larwill

Thursday 14 March to Monday 1 April

selected paintings and works on paper



Fionna Madigan

Thursday 22 February to Monday 11 March


Anne Saunders & Doug Wright

Thursday 1 February to Sunday 18 February, 2024


Kir Larwill & Jane Sawyer

Thursday 30 November to Sunday 24 December


Jackson MacDonald & Tony Scott

Thursday 2 November to Sunday 26 November 

Opening celebration Friday 3 November 5-7pm


Memory Loss

Zoe Hambleton

Thursday 5 October to Sunday 29 October 


Ann Cameron, Kynan Sutherland, Sue McLeod & Lars Stenberg

Thursday 7 September to Sunday 1 October 

Opening celebration Friday 8 September 5-7pm


Puffpaper 3

John Barter, Kim Barter & Helen McInnis

Thursday 10 August to Sunday 3 September 

Opening celebration Friday 11 August 5-7pm



Loved and Lost

David Golightly

Thursday 15 June to Sunday 9 July 

Opening celebration Friday 16 June 5-7pm



Marte Newcombe & Ann Ferguson

Thursday 18 May to Monday 12 June 

Opening celebration Friday 19 May 5-7pm


Circling the Centre

Robyn Gibson & Kirsten Moegerlein


Thursday 20 April to Sunday 14 May 

Opening celebration Friday 21 April 5-7pm

Exhibition viewing room


Artpuff open studio

Kir Larwill & Melissa Proposch


Thursday 23 March to Sunday 19 April 

Opening celebration Friday 25 March 5-7pm

Exhibition viewing room


 Image: Melissa Proposch, Where the Bodies are Buried, 2023, digital pigment print on baryta paper on aluminium composite; Kir Larwill, Alec and the Saxophone #7, Aluminium etching, monoprint, crayon, paint on paper.


Looking for a Mountain

Tony Scott


Thursday 23 February to Sunday 19 March 

Exhibition viewing room



Puffpiece 2

Minna Graham, Sandra Bowkett & Fran Romano


Thursday 1 December to Sunday 19 February (Gallery closed 25 December to 31 January)

Opening celebration Friday 2 December 5-7pm

Viewing rooms

Minna Graham

Sandra Bowkett

Fran Romano


L to R: Minna Graham, Teaset, high fired stoneware; Fran Romano, Containment, 2022, handbuilt ceramic, laminated clay, glaze (photo by Andrew Sikorski); Sandra Bowkett, bowls & dishes, recycled stoneware clays shino, celadon glazes (detail).



Sue McLeod, Gabrielle Martin & Kir Larwill


Thursday 3 November – Sunday 27 November

Opening celebration Friday  4 November, 5-7pm

Exhibition viewing room



L to R: Sue McLeod, Carot Cup, Cake and a Little Liqueur, 30 x 30cm, oil on board; Gabrielle Martin, Still Life with Blood Plums, 2021, oil on board, 19.5 x 18cm; Kir Larwill, Little Parrot, acrylic and oil on repurposed board, 19 x 21cm.


3 Reasons to Dwell

Melissa Proposch


Thursday 6 October – Sunday 30 October

Exhibition viewing room

3 Reasons to Dwell: artist statement


Reflecting on Light

Justine Hutchison & John Perry


Thursday 8 September – Sunday 2 October

Exhibition viewing rooms

Justine Hutchison

John Perry


Jane Sawyer and Sandy Lockwood

Material Memory


Thursday 11 August – Sunday 4 September

Exhibition viewing room


Jackie Gorring

Chenille Schtick


Thursday 14 July – Sunday 7 August

Online viewing room 


Puffpaper II

Ginny Grayson, Debra Patterson and Kynan Sutherland

Thursday 16 June – Sunday 10 July 

View the show here


Puffpaper I

Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, Jackie Gorring and Tama Sharman

19 May – 13 June 2022

View the show here

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